About us

With cutting-edge technology, expertise in pharmacy processes, and a highly trained workforce, RxCatalyst can help your pharmacy achieve maximum return on investment, increased revenues, and high productivity standards.

Our remote assistants are medically trained professionals who can handle your pharmacy's data entry and clerical tasks at a fraction of your regular staff rate. Your onsite staff is a highly valuable resource and there's no need to inundate them with manual, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks.

Remote Assistance

RxCatalyst work alongside supervisors who provide training, coaching, and evaluations. Provide instructions to your remote staff and view their work as they are connected to one of your workstations.

Accountable and Accessible

Choose how you want to communicate with your remote staff. You can directly communicate with them via telephone, email, or video chat through Skype or Google Talk.

Productivity Reports

Onsite supervisors continuously monitor the performance of your remote staff, providing a daily summary report to see the number of prescriptions that you and your remote staff have processed.