Outpace the competition, raise the bar, push the envelope. We, at RxCatalyst, are committed to helping you reach your full potential. With us, you get the best service for the money, the most out of your revenue, and the least expenses and headaches.

Qualified Medical Professionals at Your Service

RxCatalyst only provides competent specialists with working knowledge of US pharmacy practice and are already trained in using the SuiteRx software.

Fast and Accurate Execution of Assigned Tasks

Speed up your pharmacy's workflow by assigning your clerical or administrative tasks to our reliable remote staff.

Service that is tailored to your fit

At RxCatalyst, you are the boss. We customize our services according to your unique operating procedures and requirements

Transparent and Real-time Accountability

At RxCatalyst, assigned tasks undergo daily intensive quality checks through audit trailing to ensure accuracy and reliability